Himalayan Salt Lamps – What are they?

Himalayan Salt Lamps are a chuck of highly compressed rock salt that are manually mined from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountain ranges. They come in different colors from dark pink, light orange through to white or translucent color.

They are then hollowed out to form a lamp so you can place a candle or light bulb inside of them. As the light glows through the organic Himalayan Salt Lamp, it casts a soothing and relaxing soft glow. This makes it perfect for mood lighting or a night light. One of the great benefits of having a Himalayan salt lamp is that once they are warmed, they filter the air with negative ions, transforming the polluting positive ions into neutral elements for cleaner air so that you can breathe air that is clean and dust free.

Many people have claimed that after they have bought a salt lamp and put it inside their homes, it helped tremendously in reducing or eliminating symptoms of allergy and other chronic breathing conditions. The air smells fresher, cleaner and has a sense of relaxation. Pet odors, food odors and cigarette odours appear to disappeared, and people feel light without feeling any stress.

What actually occurs is that modified water molecules evaporate off a salt lamp as it is being warmed by the incandescent globe inside the lamp that are attracted to dust particles. These dust particle become too heavy to remain in the air and drop to the floor, making the air clearer.

When you buy salt lamps, the weights are quoted in specific size ranges. Since the lamps come from nature they will vary in color and grain and each lamp will have their own personality.

For benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps please read our three page special instructions sheet. (Follow the link below).

Steven Bettles

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