Our Premium Soy Candles are produced from the finest soy wax and no colours or synthetics are added.

Premium Soy CandlesThey are hand poured in small batches at the correct temperature with great glass adherence.

The Thickness of our Glass Containers is 3mm where the standard is 2mm. We also provide a High Quality lid so the Oils or Fragrances remain within the soy when not in use.

Our Oils and Fragrances are of the finest quality and have been cleverly combined by a highly experienced soy candle maker.

We provide two sizes: 155gm of Wax (Approx 50 hours burn time) & 410gm of Wax (Approx 80 hours burn time).

We currently have Six Candle Flavors covering the major Fragrance Groups

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Soy Candle SizingTo get an idea of the size of our Premium Soy candles here you can see them compared to a 396gm Condensed Milk. The 155gm Wax is Left and 410gm Wax on the Right.


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Soy Candle Glass 3mm ThickOn the Right is our 3mm thick Glass Container and the standard 2mm glass on the left. Our Glass Container is made form High Quality Glass and will not crack from the heat generated form the candle wax.


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