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For inquiries please call Steven on 0427 878 378

or email with questions to info@portablesaltrooms.com

Our Salt Rooms are a purpose built “Micro-climate” that emulates the traditional Salt Rooms & Salt Caves, but are totally portable. A combination of microscopic aerated salt, negative ions and warmth with correct humidity, make the perfect environment to support recovery and recuperation from all kinds of lung conditions.

This micro salt climate is standardised to maintain consistent supply of salted air and negative ions that allows the body to repair itself naturally.

Our units are fully portable and only take an hour or so to set up.

You can now pre-order units with delivery in 2-3 weeks. The unit shown above is ideal for two adults or a parent and child.

Please phone Steven Bettles on 0427 878 378 to receive information about ordering your unit.

Visit our display unit Outer Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne (Bayswater North) and have a FREE 30 minute session (Only for serious users). Appointment and pre-interview over the phone is required to ascertain if this unit will be right for you.

Please call 03 8288 1839 or 0427 878 378 and speak to Steven about what rental or purchase options will be right for you. (Minimum rentals are 12 months. A deposit bond is required along with a credit check).

All other areas of Australia offer outright purchase.


Email: info@portablesaltrooms.com


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