Berry Bliss Detox supports a healthy metabolism, promotes weight loss,

enhances detoxification.

Look Great & Feel Great too!

And has a beautiful Natural Berry Flavour!

Not like other detox/weight loss teas that taste like marsh water.

Berry Bliss Detox Weight Loss TeaIngredients: Green tea (Organic, 50%) Hibiscus, Orange peel, Wolfberry, Garcinia, Dandelion root, Schizandra berry, Haw.

Suggestion: 1 teaspoon of tea per cup. Brew in boiling water 2-3 minutes.

Start the day Detoxing with Berry Bliss Detox tea and continue with 1 or 2 more cups throughout the day.


Remitea Detox Weight Loss Tea Cup And Herbs

Origin: Mixed in Australia with imported and local ingredients.

Comes in a resealable 50gm package.

  • 2 Weeks supply if One cup/day
  • 1 Week supply if Two cups/day

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