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Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

Why Himalayan Salt Lamps are considered beneficial to health.

More and more are getting hooked with Himalayan Salt Lamps, second to the healthy benefits you get from having one in your home. It’s beautiful to look at and can compliment in all the decorations inside your home. For those that still don’t understand yet, Himalayan Salt lamps are mood enhancers, natural air purifiers that help in breathing clean air inside your home. Other than those that have lung conditions everybody can benefit from this.

As soon as the Himalayan Salt Lamps are turned on, they automatically build up negative ions in the air, dropping and filtering dust floating in the air to the floor, leaving clean air for the body to absorb. Here is a list of how beneficial Himalayan Salt Lamps are.

  • It promotes relaxing and welcoming atmosphere

Because of its luminous glow, it promotes a very relaxing atmosphere. It also amplifies work productivity. This happens when you turn on the Himalayan Salt Lamp, it glows and relaxes the work environment, thereby eliminating tiredness or procrastinating mental thoughts and you’re able to concentrate and work at a faster pace.

  • Easy to clean

By the name itself, Himalayan Salt Lamps are composed mainly of salt. When you are thinking of getting one it’s a very easy to clean as dust will not settle onto it. In fact you will rarely clean it due to its self cleaning nature. So with that you won’t have a hard time cleaning and maintaining it. It also comes in variety of sizes.

  • Stylish décor

There have been many shapes and sizes that have been along the years, but the natural lamps have been the most popular by far. Some salt comes in crystal white, light apricot, orange or purple. They come with different sizes, shapes and thickness to suit any décor.

  • Kills harmful microbes and bacteria

The Himalayan Salt Lamp is proven to be useful in alleviating sleep disorders, helps with the sinuses, those that have asthma or lung conditions. That’s because the Himalayan salt is capable of breaking negative ions and converting them into positive and therefore cleanses the air we breathe.

So if you haven’t tried a Himalayan Salt Lamp as yet, go get one and see for yourself how Himalayan Salt Lamps can be very beneficial to your health as well as to your family’s living space.

Steven Bettles


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skbou · 26/04/2014 at 7:44 pm

It’s great how something so good for you and so lovely can be so affordable. I instantly feel better when my lamp goes on, especially if I feel a bit sniffley, it just brightens my mood and lightens load, it’s more than a comfort factor (although that helps), but it’s working away on cleansing the air of anything pesky.

krystal · 27/04/2014 at 10:08 am

It’s still mind boggling that what is essentially just a hunk of salt can be so beneficial to one’s overall health and sense of self. I’ve had my Himalayan Salt Lamp for over a year now and I still find myself drawn to it, wanting to touch it and be around it when it’s on; maybe my body and mind recognises it as a friend.

Purple!? Salt lamps come is purple, have to check that out.

sharyn · 28/04/2014 at 12:06 pm

Salt lamps – what can i say – they are just the most beautiful lamps i have ever seen – the different shapes they come in are amazing and even though i have not seen a different coloured one (in real life) i can only imagine they are just divine. The fact that people can get ones that suit their tastes/lifestyle/personality is a definite plus and means everyone should have at least one salt lamp in their home.
Personally for a me a salt lamp is a must especially for relaxation and to help reduce my anxiety/stress/tension/worries. Our current hectic world means that me (and so many people) are often stressed/anxious/worried daily. At the end of the day i am often quite wired/frazzled and I find just sitting down for about 10 minutes every night with a relaxing cup of herbal tea and focusing on deep breathing whilst gazing at my salt lamp is so unbelievably therapeutic and helps my worries/stress/anxiety to reduce before going to bed so i can have a good nights sleep to recharge. For me a salt lamp is not only beautiful but it really is calming and helps me to appreciate the simple things in life.
When friends/family come over they all comment on how beautiful the salt lamp is (and then i explain to them what is great about salt lamps and the possible benefits that a salt lamp can provide for them). I would love to eventually have a salt lamp in every room of the house so that the benefits of owning them can be increased. I have never had to clean my salt lamp either which is great. Thank you.

Jeniffer · 09/06/2014 at 4:08 pm

Everyone should own a salt lamp… It’s true nothing beats the relaxing atmosphere salt lamps bring to any room..Easy to maintain with minimal cleaning, looks amazing and I always get comments on how beautiful it is. And what a bonus! Salt lamps are not only beautiful, they have major health benefits as well! I will always have a salt lamp in at least one of my rooms…

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