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Himalayan Salt Lamps Benefits in your home/office

  • Himalayan Salt Lamps keep the air in your home or office clear of dust and airborne debris
  • Himalayan Salt Lamps harmonise electromagnetic pollution that comes from computer screens and TV’s
  • Himalayan Salt Lamps improve air quality for people suffering Asthma, COPD, Bronchitis, etc
  • Himalayan Salt Lamps are easy and cheap to use. Costs about $1 per month when left on 24/7
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Dear Salt Lamps Australia!!
I received my order of AMAZING Salt Lamps, Thank You VERY Much!
I am truly delighted with the beauty and quality of your salt lamps!
Four of the 5 lamps were gifts to dear friends… one of the large 8-10kg lamps was simply stunning, when the light was on… I was reluctant to give it away… but I did, and my dear friend was utterly thrilled with it!
I cannot thank you enough… and I’m sure I will be buying again, in your store!
I will share your website on my facebook wall, to promote your wonderful business!
Kind Regards
Rebekah Doyle 21/08/2015

Hi Steven,

Thanks for your email. I received the salt lamps today and my gosh they are just beautiful! My mother-in-law and sister-in-law have them all through their house and there’s such a calmness when we visit their houses.

Thanks for packing them perfectly too!

I will also go onto your website to make comment too.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Tabbitha Omega Schekoske 18/01/2015

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Just a small email to tell you how pleased we were with the prompt delivery. Your email arrived Tuesday morning to say it had been dispatched, and it was delivered at 8.15 am this morning (Wednesday 17th December). Haven’t had a look at the lamps yet, as they are Christmas gifts.
Much appreciated
Anne Barnes 17/12/2014


Steve My husband brought me a salt lamp it was a lovely gift so I went and brought another one and put one in our sons room to see if it works with his dust mite allergies, tried everything for 5years nothing worked.

Wooh this salt lamp worked over night and every night after that no sniffling coughing sneezing runny nose.

These salt lamps are a god send thank you so very much.

So I brought 5 more and I love them thank you again.
Kathie Brooker 24/05/2014

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I love my himalayan salt lamps!!!

I had to write to tell you how much I love my salt lamps.

I ordered 3 – 2 x 2-3 kgs, 1 x 8-10 kgs. I was a bit apprehensive ordering them over the internet. I was sure I would get some ugly piece but instead received 3 beautiful rocks. I love them!

Also within minutes of turning them on my home felt lighter and my anxiety levels went down. I wasn’t expecting a reaction at all so was pleasantly surprised.

AND I received the lamps within 2 days of ordering them. Amazing!

Attached are the 3 lamps (the 2nd one is the 8-10 kg one). Please feel free to add my comments/photos to your website. I will also be recommending you to everyone I know. Smile

Kind regards,

Marbecc Webb – 13/09/2013

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“Steven & Jo

I just received my order of Salt Tea Lights and the 8-10kg Salt Lamp. I just wanted to say they are fantastic I love them.

The delivery time to Adelaide was great, it was effectively overnight delivery.

Thank you for the wonderful service and products, If i need another Salt Lamp I will definitely shop with Salt Lamps Australia again.


Gary Amor – 18th June 2013

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“Hi Steven & Jo,
My order arrived safely today.
Thank you for your prompt service, and I just wanted to compliment you on the way everything is wrapped so neatly and with care.
I am very happy with the gorgeous lamps.
Thanks again.
Annie Huthnance – 14th June 2013

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“I ordered about 10am tues. received package 10 am next day. Best service, price and product.”

Kerry Bernardi – 30th January 2013 (Facebook Comment)

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“I am a massage therapist. One of my fellow therapists uses Himalayan salt lamps in her rooms. I thought what a wonderful idea to encourage wellbeing. I found through eBay and now I will deal with them directly. The prices, service and quality are impeccable. I haven’t bothered to look elsewhere as Steven and his staff have been brilliant. He has an abundance of information to share with your clients, family and friends, and I’m thrilled to have found these delightful lamps and their many benefits.”

Kelly Mordaunt 7th January 2013 (Facebook Comment)

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“I have 3 in my home and love them…my son sleeps so much better since he has had one in his room…I highly recommend them to everyone I know….”

Shazzy Hilwee – 19th November 2012 (Facebook Comment)

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“I love the look and style of the Salt Lamps, great quality and long lasting best product ever and well worth it”

Leyla Choueiri – 6th November 2012

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“I bought a salt lamp for our son he was always hyper and had trouble sleeping so it is his night light – within a week we noticed a change in him he wanted to sleep in his own room and slept well his energy levels changed he is calmer and it even has helped his skin , now we want one for our daughters hopefully then our kids will be happy and comfy sleepers with safe energy levels”

Beck Milsom – 19th November 2012

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“Not too hard to make a positive comment about salt lamps- I have 2 fire bowl salt lamps and 2 normal ones, and love love love them. After buying my mum and son one, they now also have purchased others.. Cant have too many I believe..very relaxing and makes you feel stress free.”

Maxine Hess Smith – 18th November 2012

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