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Salt Lamps are extremely beneficial for health as they assist the air to be clear of floating dust and debris. Health conditions such as Asthma, COPD and various allergies can be affected due to air contaminants.

Negative ions have been shown to clear the air quality of dust and debris making life easier for people affected by Asthma, COPD and allergies.

Himalayan Salt Lamps assist by producing negative ions which attached them selves to positive ions (dust & debris) making them too heavy to be air borne and forcing the dust to the floor by affects of gravity. This way the air is clearer reducing the affects of airborne contaminant making it much easier to live a comfortable life for people dealing with all kinds of breathing conditions.

Salt Lamps produce negative ions by a unique chemical process. Salt is naturally “Hydroscopic” meaning that it draws in moisture from the air. You can see evidence of this if you leave a  bowl of normal table salt exposed to the air as it become a solid piece of salt caused by moisture collecting in the salt and  turning it into one large salt crystal. The next stage is that each salt lamp has inside a tungsten globe which gently warms it to slightly warmer than the room temperature. This is the key to the lamps effectiveness.

So, the Himalayan salt lamp has drawn in the moisture from the air, and on the surface of the salt lamp there is a slight chemical change to the water molecule where the energy of heat is transferred to the water molecule causing the oxygen atom to be more prominent and it evaporates off the lamp. The oxygen atom causes the water molecule to appear to be more negatively charged, but it still had the same overall charge.

Dust and debris are positive charged particles because they are short an electron or two, so they search out negative charged particles to balance themselves up. It general positive charged particles are corrosive or they are called “Free Radicals”. Free radicals change the structure of whatever they come into contact with as they have a stronger drive than the element they affect.

So, the negatively charged water molecule allows the dust to connect with it, making if too heavy to be airborne and forcing the dust to the floor. Quite simple really, but very affective.

The important thing to remember is that the negative ion will only stay active for a short period of time before the heat energy dissipates from the water molecule and it converts back into a simple old water molecule again. Negative ions in this form also follow air currents so make sure you place your salt lamp away form fast moving air such as doorways or highly trafficked areas.

We hope you get great benefits form your Himalayan Salt Lamps & Health.

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Asthma & Salt Lamps


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