Sizing & Measurement Guide for Baltic Amber


These instructions will give you a guide for measuring your desired product:


Measuring for your infant or child:

It is important to choose the correct size for your infant/child.  Please ensure that you follow the measuring instructions correctly so that you get the correct size necklace for your infant/child.

When measuring your infant/child, please note that the necklace should fit your child comfortably – however it is important that the necklace cannot be pulled up over your infant/child’s chin.  These products are for wearing, not chewing!

  1. Using a flexible tape measure, measure around your infant/child’s neck to obtain the desired necklace length;
  2. While holding the tape at the desired measurement, ensure that the tape cannot slide up over your infant/child’s chin;
  3. If the measuring tape can be pulled over your infant/child’s chin then this measurement is too long, please adjust measurement and attempt to pull the measuring tape over your infant/child’s chin;
  4. Optimal measurement is where the necklace can be worn comfortably (not tight) without being able to be pulled over your infant/child’s chin.

Example of incorrect/correct sizing:


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Pet Collars:

  1. Measure with a flexible tape measure, placing a finger comfortable between the neck of your pet and the tape measure;
  2. Write this measurement down;
  3. Choose the collar size that will allow you to shorten and lengthen the collar due to your pets’ individual requirements;
  4. Consider these questions:
  • Do you have your pet shaved?
  • Does your pet grow a winter coat?
  • Does your pet have some growing to do? 


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You measure your pet at 42cm. We recommend choosing the size 40cm – 45cm, which allows for shortening and lengthening the collar.

For maximum benefits, this is how we would like the collar to sit on your pet!


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